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Treating Dark Circles Under Eyes – All You Need To Know

Circles Under Eyes

What are dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles, also known as panda eyes, are when the skin under your eyes covering the eye sockets appear darker than the rest of your normal skin tone. Several factors, including vitamin deficiencies, not getting enough sleep, stress, ageing, or medical conditions, can cause this.

What are the causes of eye circles?

While there are many different causes of dark eye circles, these are the most common:


When your body is sleep-deprived, the blood vessels under your skin are more prominent, as being tired can cause your body to make more energy-boosting cortisol. This will enlarge the blood vessels and make them appear more visible.


As your body naturally ages, the skin loses its fat and collagen, which are necessary to keep its plumpness. When this starts to disappear, the skin becomes thin, resulting in visible blood vessels and ‘shadowing’ from the eye sockets.


Eye strain can also be the main factor in why we get dark circles around the eyes. When we look at screens for work or excessively at home, it can cause our blood vessels to swell, resulting in dark circles.


You may be wondering why you get dark circles during hay fever season in the springtime. This occurs when your sinuses become congested, resulting in congestion in the small veins under your eyes. This, in turn, can cause the veins to enlarge, resulting in pools of blood under the eyes. As the veins dilate, they also darken, revealing dark circles and puffy eyes.


Much like a thirsty plant that goes crispy and begins to wither, our skin acts similarly to dehydration. When our skin is missing vital hydration, it can become dull and hollow. Because of how thin the skin is under the eyes when it becomes sunken, it can create shadows from the eye sockets and reveal underlying blood vessels.

Sun exposure

As the skin around the eyes is fragile and delicate, this also makes it more sensitive. Exposure to excess sunlight can cause the skin to produce more melatonin, especially under the eyes, due to its sensitivity.


If you’re still at a loss as to why you’re getting dark circles under the eyes, it could be to do with genetics. This genetic trait passed down might appear because of allergies or poor circulation in the body.

How can I prevent dark circles under the eyes?

There are a few simple ways to prevent dark circles from appearing, including; getting enough sleep, protecting the eyes from sunlight, stopping smoking and reducing alcohol intake. These suggestions should help stop the veins under the eyes from swelling and the skin being dehydrated and sallow.

How can circles under the eyes be treated from home?

If the above doesn’t work for you or you have more stubborn panda eyes, you can try:

  • A cold compress
  • Getting extra sleep, so your body catches up
  • Elevating your head, especially in bed
  • Soak with tea bags. The anti-oxidant and vitamin properties can help soothe tired and puffy eyes
  • Conceal with makeup

What medical treatments can help with under-eye circles?

If your dark eye circles are still not moving or you’d instead consult a professional, there are a few different treatments. Under-eye circles treatment methods include:

  • Dermal fillers help plump the sunken skin to give the under-eye area some volume to prevent the appearance of blood vessels.
  • Chemical peels help to remove dark circles by eliminating hyperpigmentation.
  • Fat-dissolving injections to permanently reduce puffy eyes.
  • Medical tattoos can be used to conceal dark circles.
  • Surgical implants of fat can also help add volume to sunken eyes resulting in the reduction of dark eye circles.

How do dermal fillers treat circles under the eyes?

As your skin ages, it can lose precious collagen resulting in thin, sunken skin, especially around the eyes. This reveals the blood vessels that lay just under the skin and can also create ‘shadowing’ from the eye socket. Dermal fillers are used to add volume and plump the eye area to reduce shadows and the appearance of blood vessels.

How do chemical peels treat circles under the eyes?

If you’ve been exposed to too much sunlight or hyperpigmentation, chemical peels can help by removing the top layer of skin and brightening under-eye circles.

How can fat dissolving injections treat circles under the eyes?

Puffy eye bags can cause dark circles to appear due to an excess of fat deposits under the skin. Targeting these cells and removing them permanently with fat dissolving injections can result in tighter and smoother skin.

What injections do we use?

At House of Saab, our primary value is to provide you with the best treatments available. To achieve this, we use Aqualyx and Kybella.

Why you should choose House of Saab

Our friendly and professional team at House of Saab will provide you with a free personal consultation to discuss your areas of concern and run through the most effective treatment plans best suited to you and your needs.

At House of Saab, we provide only the best experience for our clients from beginning to end. Our expert and experienced technicians are here to answer any questions or queries you may have and promise to provide you with the highest quality treatments and products available. Please speak to a staff member to discuss costs during your free consultation as each treatment requirement is different to each client.

Under-eye circle treatments offered:

Fat-dissolving injections.
Dermal fillers.
Chemical peels.