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Facial Balancing – All You Need To Know

What is facial balancing?

Facial balancing is the art of injecting dermal fillers to create a more symmetrical or proportional face. This technique uses injectable fillers to balance out the nose or chin features to make them appear bigger, smaller or more defined. This procedure uses high quality, natural fillers and each treatment is tailored to the individual as each person has different concerns. 

How long do the results last?

Facial balancing, also known as facial harmonisation or profile balancing, uses natural fillers. The body absorbs these fillers over time. The effects of this treatment can last between 5 months – 2 years. 

How long the results last depends on the type of filler and how fast your body processes these fillers. Professionals recommend that clients receive maintenance after the procedure to keep desired results. 

What can facial balancing improve?

Facial harmonisation is a popular treatment used to balance many different face areas. The procedure could improve plumping of the cheeks, lips and deep expression lines. An excellent non-surgical option for those not keen to go under the knife to correct specific areas.

Facial balancing for women

Female clients are inclined to improve more feminine features, such as enhancing the cheeks and adding volume to the lips. It is common for women to soften facial areas such as; the nose, jawline and chin. They often add more definition if desired.

Facial balancing for men

It is common for male clients to concentrate on more masculine areas. Dermal fillers can help define the chin to create a more powerful jawline. Contouring the face through chin augmentation can improve the side profile. This change helps avoid the overall appearance of a ‘flat face’ from the side. 

Why choose House of Saab

Our friendly and professional team at House of Saab will provide you with a FREE personal consultation to discuss the areas of concern. They will run through the most effective treatment plans best suited to you and your needs.

At House of Saab, we provide only the best experience for our clients from beginning to end. Our expert and experienced technicians are here to answer any questions or queries you may have. They promise to provide you with the highest quality treatments and products available. Each treatment requirement is unique, so discussing costs during your consultation is essential.

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