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At House of Saab, caring for you after your procedure is just as important as the consultation session and treatment process. We continue to look after your well-being long after you have left the clinic to ensure that not only do you reach your aesthetic goals, but you maintain them long into the future.

A successful result can often rely on the steps that are taken in the hours, days or weeks that follow your procedure, and this advice will always be given to you before the treatment takes place. On day 2 and day 8 after the treatment, we will call or email to make sure you are OK and that you are happy with the outcome, and in some cases we will arrange a follow-up consultation to assess the developing results. The team at House of Saab is always available for contact should you have any questions or concerns.

What you do on a daily basis defines your own well-being, and we believe that when you make smarter, healthier choices it puts on you the right path to inner-fulfilment, and a happier, more confident you.

The care you receive at our clinic goes a long way to improving and enhancing your appearance, which can in turn make you feel better about yourself on the inside. The professionals at House of Saab are also here for you outside of the clinic too, and with our ‘beyond care’ provision, we can help you work towards achieving your ideal level of personal well-being and fulfilment. It is our belief that to also consider nutrition and other lifestyle choices can really help to get the best out of your treatment and refine the outcome.

Our team of professionals each work within their own area of specialty and we have a suitable person available to advise you on many aspects, including: nutrition, physique, skin care and sleep.

House of Saab Wellbeing
House of Saab

The choices you make today,
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