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How can it be treated?

House of Saab endorses the benefits of maintaining a good skincare routine. By ensuring that your complexion receives daily cleansing and exfoliation can help the pores to remain clear, and the surface layer to be free from old and unwanted skin cells. A carefully chosen moisturiser can preserve the skin’s hydration levels, as well as keeping it supple and soft to the touch. Our experts approve the use of Obagi skincare products which help to rehydrate the skin and repair its protective barrier. Healthy eating and drinking plenty of water nourishes the skin; helping it to function effectively.

Enhancing the results of good skincare can be achieved through regular rejuvenating treatments to improve the look and feel of your complexion. House of Saab can perform a brightening facial or profhilo (an injectable face moisturiser for the skin) to help restore a silky surface and bring back your youthful, vibrant glow.


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