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Improved skin texture and tone

Up to 30 minutes


3 - 5 months

Improved skin texture and tone

Up to 30 minutes


3 - 5 months

Topical numbing cream

What is Mesotherapy / Skin Rejuvenation?

Mesotherapy is a form of skin rejuvenation that aims to restore a youthful and glowing appearance. By applying a process of controlled trauma to the surface of the skin, the natural responses of repair and replenishment are triggered. As a result the quality and condition of the skin is improved, as the internal structure is strengthened. By also penetrating the skin with enriching ingredients, the superficial layer becomes brighter and more hydrated.

The Experience

The mesotherapy process uses a hand held device to deliver a series of micro injections to the surface of the skin. Depending on the individual concerns, varying depths of injection can be applied – ranging from 1mm to 4mm. At the same time as the injections are administered to the skin, so is a bespoke cocktail of active ingredients, comprising: vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, peptides, amino acids, plant extracts and hyaluronic acid.

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Aftercare & Results

The healing response, triggered by mesotherapy, helps to stimulate the fibroblasts which encourages the production of new collagen. From this, the skin becomes firmer, fuller and tighter. The active ingredients can support the health and quality of the dermis, helping to improve the overall texture and tone. Our male and female clients find that mesotherapy can be used to improve the look of a range of common skin concerns, including: skin laxity, dark circles, loose skin, pigmentation and acne, as well as improving circulation and reducing inflammation.

In the first couple of days after the treatment you may be advised to avoid: strenuous activity, sun exposure and touching the treated area.


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Our Expertise

House of Saab specialises in many different aesthetic treatments for a variety of conditions. We take pride in being one of the few medical aesthetic clinics that offer skin rejuvenation treatments in London. Your safety is very important to us at House of Saab. Mesotherapy is considered safe as it triggers natural responses in the skin.

Our skin rejuvenation treatments are conducted by either a doctor, nurse, or aesthetic therapist. An experienced practitioner will meet you when you arrive, explain the procedure, and guide you to one of the treatment rooms. Unlike other medical aesthetic clinics, you may have the choice in who performs the treatment.

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Before any treatment can be recommended, House of Saab will require you to attend a consultation. This session will discuss your concerns and expected outcome, and your suitability will then be determined. Mesotherapy can help to restore a youthful and radiant glow to the appearance through its restorative and revitalising properties.

Mesotherapy is considered to be safe as it triggers natural responses in the skin. At House of Saab, trained and qualified practitioners will perform the treatment and your welfare will be closely monitored throughout.

Our practitioners are dedicated to ensuring you feel relaxed and comfortable when in our care. Although our clients will not often feel that mesotherapy is painful, you can choose to have a numbing cream applied if you are worried about some potential discomfort.

You will need to share any allergy information with your practitioner so as to reduce the risk of reacting to any of the ingredients. Swelling, bruising and redness may appear at the treated site, which will usually have subsided within a couple of days.

Your skin may feel sensitive immediately following the treatment, however this should not cause any unnecessary disruption to your day. Most of our clients find they are free to continue with their usual routine as long as it’s not too strenuous.

The House of SAAB Skin clinic located at 27, Chepstow Corner offers the skin rejuvenation treatment.

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