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Hydrated & radiant skin

60 minutes


Long-term results

Hydrated & radiant skin

60 minutes


Long-term results


What is PRF Eye Rejuvenation ?

Both PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) are revolutionary treatments that promote natural healing and repair. They can be used in a range of situations where tissue damage impacts physical well-being and are becoming popular procedures within aesthetic medicine. The health and condition of the skin is one area where PRP / PRF can benefit; improving conditions such as: acne scars, dull / dry skin, and lines and wrinkles.

The Experience & Expertise

There are two parts to these treatments. The first step is to extract a sample of blood from the patient, which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from other fluids. The sample of blood taken for PRP will be slightly more than the amount required for PRF, and will be spun at a greater speed. For PRF the lower speed will allow for a higher concentration of platelets to be collected, as well as some white blood cells and stem cells.

Depending on your concerns, your practitioner at House of Saab will decide which process will benefit you most in order to reach your expected goal.

In the second stage of this treatment, the prepared plasma is injected into the area of concern, at carefully chosen places. The amount of blood needed for the treatment may depend on the area to be addressed and can be harvested from more than one region.

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Aftercare & Results

The results of this treatment will develop gradually over a period of a few months as the plasma encourages the slow release of growth factors, from which tissues will start to repair. As the full outcome becomes evident, the skin will look fuller, brighter and more even in texture and tone. Lines and wrinkles will appear reduced and the complexion develops a more youthful and revitalised appearance.

Avoiding alcohol, caffeine, hot drinks and spicy food for around 24 hours will reduce the chance of increased swelling and bruising. Certain medications will also need to be avoided, as will taking vitamins and other supplements. You will need to wait for around 24 hours before returning to the gym, or working out, and be careful not to expose your skin to extremes of heat or cold. Your skin will be more sensitive to the effects of the sun in the first 24 hours and applying cool packs to the treated area will help with any post-treatment sensitivity.

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Other Treatment Applications

House of Saab specialises in many different aesthetic treatments for a variety of conditions. We take pride in being one of the few medical aesthetic clinics that offer both PRP and PRF in London. The safety of our clients is essential at House of Saab.

Our Platelet-rich plasma and fibrin treatments are conducted by either a doctor, nurse, or aesthetic therapist. An experienced practitioner will meet you when you arrive, explain the procedure, and guide you to one of the treatment rooms. Unlike other medical aesthetic clinics, you may have the choice in who performs the treatment.

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At House of Saab, we use this type of treatment to help rejuvenate the appearance of the skin and restore a more even texture and tone. Lines and wrinkles, dull / dry skin, acne scarring and sun damage can often appear as a person gets older, for which PRP / PRF can revive a youthful and refined look. As this procedure uses your own blood, it is often found to be suitable for almost everyone.

The safety of our clients is paramount at House of Saab and this method of skin rejuvenation is considered to be a safe option for those who are affected by some of the signs of ageing. It is very likely that you will respond positively to the treatment, as it is your own natural substances that are used. A trained and qualified professional at House of Saab will carry out this treatment, ensuring a safe and effective outcome is delivered.

Immediately following the procedure you will experience some slight swelling, bruising, redness and tenderness at the affected site. This will be a temporary effect that has usually settled within 24 – 48 hours. Any bruising may take slightly longer to disappear, possibly lasting for around 1 week. After 48 hours you can use make-up to hide this.

With minimal downtime attached, you should be able to leave the clinic and continue with your day as normal. It is important to follow the aftercare advice given to you, but your mobility should not be compromised.

The House of SAAB Skin clinic located at 27, Chepstow Corner offers both the Platelet-rich plasma and the Platelet-rich fibrin treatment.


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