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Improved skin quality

30 minutes


6-9 months

Improved skin quality

30 minutes


6-9 months

Topical numbing cream

What is Hand Rejuvenation?

House of Saab uses Profhilo and Neauvia skin boosters as an effective treatment for improving skin texture and tone on the back of the hands. As a severely exposed area of the body, early signs of ageing are most apparent on the hands, as years of sun damage is very impactful. The treatment works to remodel the internal structure of the complexion by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Although skin boosters are administered via inoculation, it is not a ‘filler’. When introduced to the skin, it pushes to restore the substances in the dermis that create volume and bounce, rather than just replacing them.

The Experience

Depending on the existing skin texture, a course of 2 treatment sessions (performed 4 weeks apart) may be recommended for maximum results, whereby your practitioner will apply Skin Boosters into specific places just beneath the skin. As a substance which aims to hydrate rather than fill, it is quickly absorbed by the underlying tissues without the need for massaging. As the absorption site covers a radius of approximately 2cm, it is likely that to effectively treat the face, around 10 injections would be required. Ultimately, it aims to provide a hydrating and refreshed look to the skin of your hands.

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Aftercare & Results

The hydrating effects can successfully work to retain moisture levels within the skin. The complexion’s response to the treatment may take between 3 and 5 days to develop, when a tighter, firmer and brighter appearance can start to emerge. An incredible treatment for reviving dull looking skin,  it can also produce a smoother appearance that fades the look of lines and wrinkles. As with other injectables it is advisable to allow Skin Booster to work its magic, and avoid touching or applying pressure to the treated site. You should be careful not to apply any concealing cosmetics or partake in strenuous activities for the first 24 – 48 hours.

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Our Expertise

House of Saab specialises in many different aesthetic treatments for a variety of conditions. We take pride in being one of the few medical aesthetic clinics that offer hand rejuvenation in London. This treatment is medically approved and has a low rate of risk. Safety and comfort is always closely monitored through the entire treatment process.

Our skin booster treatments are conducted by either a medical professional only. A practitioner will meet you when you arrive, explain the procedure, and guide you to one of the treatment rooms. Unlike other medical aesthetic clinics, you may have the choice in who performs the treatment.

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Skin Boosters are often found to be an effective treatment for improving hydration and elasticity in the skin. This in turn can help to reduce the visible signs of ageing by firming and tightening loose skin, as well as creating a smoother texture to the surface; reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. To hydrate the complexion also means that a brighter look is created, for a more rejuvenated look. Your concerns will be discussed at a thorough pre-treatment consultation, but you may not be recommended if you are a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found and produced naturally within the skin. This treatment is medically approved and has a low rate of risk. House of Saab highly regards the welfare of their patients and closely monitors your comfort and safety through the entire treatment process.

Skin booster is frequently requested by both men and women at House of Saab, and is considered to be a comfortable procedure to undergo. Although our clients do not often feel the need for an anaesthetic, you do have the option to have a topical numbing cream applied beforehand, to help alleviate any slight discomfort.

It is to be expected that swelling, bruising and redness will occur at the treatment site, and more specifically at the points of application. It is often the case that these effects are temporary and will have settled within a few days. Your consultation will outline any other potential side effects.

House of Saab’s clients can expect to be able to return to their usual daily activities – as long as they are not too strenuous – upon leaving the clinic. Following your practitioner’s aftercare instructions will help to produce a successful outcome, and repeating the treatment every 6 months will help to ensure long-term results.

As a patient, you are in control of your consultation outcome and we always offer an alternative choice to you, even if that choice is to not have a treatment. A successful alternative to skin boosters would be a medical grade growth micro-needling infused with bio growth factors for complete rejuvenation.

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