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House of Saab’s Magical Journey to Excellence as Aesthetic Awards 2024 Finalist!

House of Saab's Magical Journey to Excellence as Aesthetic Awards 2024 Finalist!

At the House of Saab, London, experience radiant skin and skincare perfection with a team of professional medical aesthetics. Be confident in your skin and rule the world!

  • Want to Rejuvenate your skin?
  • Achieve Korean glass skin?
  • Look ten years younger?

We welcome you to the top aesthetic clinic in the heart of London. Aesthetics awards 2024 finalists for their unparalleled treatments and services.

Perfect London Spot

Located in beautiful Notting Hill, famous for its lively and trendy neighborhood, there are a lot of high-end restaurants and shops, so you get 2 in1 benefits.

Notting Hill is renowned as a cosmopolitan and multicultural district, featuring the annual Notting Hill Carnival and the Portobello Road Market. It is also famous for its connection with artists.

Plus, you won’t find any difficulty parking your car because it is a parking-friendly location.

Medical Aesthetics Professionals

Who doesn’t want to age backward? Right? Your face is the first thing that appears to people when you meet them. With time, the beauty of your skin starts to fade away. You surely don’t want that.

Hold on! You don’t have to worry about ageing your skin because we won’t let your beauty vanish quickly. We have a solution for you. The House of Saab. Here, we care for your skin and deal with care and gentleness.

We are a team of professional doctors and medical aesthetics who ensure you get the proper treatment for your skin. With their careful attention to detail, they use their professional knowledge and aesthetic sense to rejuvenate your face and get what it wants.

Aesthetic Awards 2024 Finalist

It’s an absolute honour for the House of Saab, Medical Aesthetic Clinic, London, to be selected as a finalist for one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies, Aesthetic Awards 2024, for their excellent professional services and magnificent spot.

The Aesthetics Awards have been given out for many years and are the most important awards in the UK’s Medical Aesthetics field.

It has more than 400 entries and 980 guests, bringing together the best in beauty medicine. The Aesthetics Awards are open to both new and experienced clinicians.

Their mission is to promote greatness in medical aesthetics by always working to improve best practices, safety, and regulations and distinguishing new products on which the House of Saab stands out perfectly.

What Makes HOS Unique?

A common misconception surrounding aesthetic treatments is that they are solely for women. However, recent trends have shown that men are also seeking out these treatments in more significant quantities.

We don’t discriminate between skin types at the House of Saab skincare clinic. We believe in the equal care of men’s and women’s skin.

HOS Understands Skin Best

Understanding your skin’s condition is essential to get the perfect and exact treatment.

The House of Saab clinic will be your best choice to solve the skin conditions like acne, ageing hands, circles under the eyes, double skin, dull, dry skin, excessive sweating, facial volume loss, hair loss, pigmentation, oily skin, misshapen skin, spider veins, thin lips, and wrinkles.

House of Saab Treatments

If you face any skin conditions mentioned above, we are glad you are at the right place.

Let’s get into how you can achieve flawless and radiant skin without any further delay with only three courses of our treatments.

We make your skin look exquisite by providing treatments like Anti-ageing injections, Dermal fillers, Bespoke and Hydrofacials, skin boosters, Hand and skin rejuvenation, Aqualyx fat dissolving body, mouth lift, micro-needling, jawline contouring, SkinCeuticals chemical peels, and liquid nose job.

Most demanding at HOS Clinic

PRP facial and PRF eye rejuvenation are the most demanding treatments at the House of Saab medical aesthetic clinic. We offer PRP and PRF treatment both for men and women.

PRP and PRF are new and innovative treatments that help the body heal and repair naturally. They’re becoming more popular in aesthetic medicine and can be used in several cases where damaged tissue affects health.

Special Offers

The House of Saab gives you special deals and packages that will work for you. Check out our site right now and find the best that suits you.

We have a special offer for you to enjoy. Get £50 off your first injection treatment with the House of Saab clinic.

Hurry up! It’s a limited-time offer.


With over 100+ 5-rated reviews, the House of Saab, London, offers exceptional services, ensuring clients get the best according to their skin needs.

Here are one of our customer’s reviews. Check our website for your satisfaction.

“Excellent customer service. Taking time to give thorough consultations. Great advice on products and treatments.”

“Super friendly staff, go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable; the first time I wasn’t being rushed in a class or while having my treatment done, they really took their time to advise me afterward, too, so there go my five stars.”


House of the Saab is one of the top Medical Aesthetic Clinics in London that aims to provide top-notch services to its clients.

Our highly trained doctors and beauticians will ensure you get the proper treatment for your skin by paying close attention to every detail and using their professional knowledge and eye for beauty to make your face look younger and better.

So next time you look for a perfect place to get your skin pampering and much more, don’t look here and there and come straight to the House of Saab.

During the consultation session, we do not anticipate that you will make a choice. If you choose to keep on, it’s up to you. So, we’ll let you think about it and get back to us when you’re ready to move forward.

Book an extensive consultation session now, learn about your skin, and enter into the world of timeless beauty. Because we care for your skin and treat it with all the love it deserves. We hope to see you soon.